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The Marcellus Accountability Project
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             Resources on Gas Drilling


Activist Groups
Contact Info for Federal, State, & Local Elected Officials and DEC Personnel
Basic Gas Drilling Information
    In-Depth Information on Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing
    Fact Sheets On Key Shale-Drilling Topics
    Chemicals in Fracking Fluid
    Water Testing Recommendations for Landowners Near Gas Drilling
    Well Spacing
    Compulsory Integration
    Regulatory Exemptions for Gas and Oil Industry

Marcellus Shale Development
Environmental Impacts
     EPA Study of HighVolume Hydraulic Fracturing
     Reports Describing Multiple Impacts
     Water Contamination-–General
     Water Contamination with Fracking Chemicals
            Dimock, Pennsylvania
            Dunkard Creek, Along the Border Between Pennsylvania and West Virginia
     Well and Surface Water Contamination with Methane
     Surface Spills
     Fresh Water Use for Hydrofracking
     Air Pollution
            Greenhouse Gases
     Radioactive Waste
     Disposal of Toxic Waste
     Adverse Effects on Forests and Wildlife
     Adverse Effects on Agriculture and Wineries

Economic and Social Impacts
     Economics of Resource Extraction
     Economic Impacts
     Social Impacts

Health Impacts
How Towns Can Prepare
     Advice to Towns
     Home Rule

Possible "Best Practices" that the Gas Industry Could Use
Legislation and Politics
      Legislative Issues
      Federal Legislation
      State Legislation
      Newly Enacted Legislation

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Links
Comments on Draft Scope, etc.; Useful as Fuel for Commenting on Draft SGEIS
Collections of Gas Drilling Articles
Gas Leasing
Agricultural Conservation Easements and Agricultural Districts
Just For Fun

Short-cuts to Learning about Gas Drilling:

For one good overview, read:   (& look at some photo links)

"Gas Drilling in the Finger Lakes Region:  How Will it Affect Us?"
A 9-page thoroughly referenced article on all aspects of gas drilling.


Catskill Mountainkeeper's Gas Drilling Information
Photo links and a thorough discussion of gas drilling.


For one good, in-depth source on many different aspects, read:  

Earthworks' Oil and Gas Accountability Project Hydraulic Fracturing Information


To survey the best information on different aspects of gas drilling, read:

NYC DEP Rapid Impact Assessment (9/09): Excellent Summary of Gas Drilling Process & Impacts

Earthworks' Oil and Gas Accountability Project Hydraulic Fracturing Information

Un-Natural Photo Collection of Well Sites with Hydraulic Fracturing

ProPublica November 2008 Report on Contamination of Drinking Water

Energy Boomtowns & Natural Gas, With Implications for Development of the Marcellus Shale

Legal Guidelines for Local Governments, by Kimberly Shaw Rea, Esq

Earthworks Information on Best Practices Available and Examples of Progressive Legislation

DEC's Final Scope (Feb. 2009)

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